Fight Club for Kids

Ages 8 to 13

At Superior Martial Arts, the Xtreme Martial Arts program is all about learning the basics and making things extraordinary! By learning how to start and end strong, students understand the importance of commitment and perseverance in all aspects of their lives.

Xtreme Martial Arts students combine traditional techniques with more energy, expression, and power to add flair and showmanship. They learn how to group together various moves and create freestyle forms, adding high flying kicks and acrobatic tricks as they progress.

This class is not just about punching, kicking and flipping. Xtreme Martial Arts demonstrates the importance of a strong mind and body. XMA students test their physical limits, as well as develop mental strength and tenacity to deal with life’s obstacles and overcome challenges.

Students are given the opportunity to take their training further by competing against other ATA students in regional and national tournaments.

Superior Martial Arts has been a blessing to our son and family! He is more respectful and is doing better in school. Thanks Superior for welcoming us to your family.
Drye Family