Krav for Kids

Ages 8 to 13

The Karate for Kids program is geared towards children, ages 7 through 12. The course focuses on lifetime learning concepts, in addition to technical skills. The building blocks for our system are monthly themes such as: Setting and Reaching Goals, Demonstrating Self-Control, Behaving with Courtesy and Respect. At Superior Martial Arts, we also emphasize the importance of Integrity, Dedication, Decency and Confidence, all valuable character traits.

In addition to monthly themes, the Karate for Kids program provides opportunities to earn unique victory patches. Students are rewarded special victory stars for outstanding performance and exceptional behavior in karate class, at school, home or during tournaments and competitions. Achievement and rewards help motivate children and improve their self-esteem. When kids earn their belts or stars for good grades, it gives them a great sense of pride and purpose that really affects the way they feel about themselves and how they treat others.

Parents play a unique role in their children’s training, acting as the liaison between the Martial Arts school and the rest of their everyday lives. The more an instructor knows about a student, the better he or she can work with the child, Mom and Dad. Our instructors are excellent with kids, but are also very clear about limits. We enforce good rules and behavior in class, and we expect the same at home, in school and on the playground.

Superior Martial Arts has changed my kids life. They have so much confidence now. They love coming to see the instructors.
Jones Family