Ages 3 and Up

The Leadership program is a course dedicated to the development of future leaders, both kids and adults. Students in our Leadership program have not only committed themselves to train to the ranks of Black Belt and beyond, they are devoted to becoming individuals who lead by example. They work to share the benefits of Martial Arts training in school, at home and in their lives.

Students in the Junior Leadership program (ages 7 through 12) will learn how to listen to their inner voice and not just follow the crowd. Our instructors discuss how to resist peer pressure and do the right thing. Junior Leaders learn how to set good examples and become role models for others.

Our Adult Leadership program is designed to teach students how to succeed, not only in Taekwondo, but in all areas of their lives. Adult Leaders learn additional skills, such as goal setting, the importance of being proactive, presentation and mentoring others. Students in this class may assist instructors in Taekwondo to gain experience as leaders. They will also learn some advanced weapons techniques.

Superior Martial Arts has changed my kids life. They have so much confidence now. They love coming to see the instructors.
Jones Family