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Truly dedicated to teaching and inspiring others, Miguel Vasquez serves as owner and Master Instructor of the Iron Mantis Martial Arts studio of Winston Salem, NC. He has taught martial arts for almost a decade now and welcomes opportunities to develop martial artists of all ages, levels, and abilities.  Miguel holds a Black Belt in Iron Mantis Martial Arts, a Brown Belt in Hawaiian Kempo, and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But as a lifelong learner who believes in the power of challenging oneself, he has no intention of stopping there. Miguel continues to learn, research, and apply multiple styles of martial arts to effectively teach self-defense. And he works hard to improve his own techniques and skill training under Jeff Hughes and John Hackleman. 

Miguel started practicing Karate at eight years old while living in Mexico. Martial arts began as a way to stand up for his brother with Down Syndrome who was often bullied. But it quickly became a way of life for Miguel, keeping him strong, fit, and disciplined.  During his teenage years, Miguel also started boxing, a sport he feels goes hand-in-hand with martial arts because of the focus needed to achieve success. He’s grateful for all that he’s learned since then and looks forward to sharing his knowledge with others through his studio and other outlets. 

In addition to his martial arts expertise, Miguel holds certifications in Sports Performance and Nutrition. He gives back to his community as a volunteer trainer to law enforcement professionals interested in sharpening their skills and improving on-the-job confidence. 

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