Tips for Your Child's Self-Discipline

Tips for Your Child's Self-Discipline

Does your child posses the personal “will” to succeed at home... In school... And in life?

“Face it, without self-discipline, your child is going to have a tough time. It doesn't matter how “nice”, “smart”, or “bright” they are. Although those things are important... They are not nearly as important as your child’s ability to PUSH THEMSELVES.”
“Self-Discipline is the ability to do... What you’re supposed to do... When you are supposed to do it... Whether you like it or not! And here’s how...”

“Fact is, it takes more than just “good parenting” to build the personal habits that will catapult your child’s success... You see, the activities your children participate in—either build or break: self- discipline. Now, most parents have no idea how to go about it, but there IS a way to do it...” 

1. Always, always, do what you say you are going to do.


Remember that your children learn from EVERY encounter with you… even if it's not what you want them to learn! If you tell a child that a certain behavior will cause them to be punished, you MUST follow through with the punishment.


Each time you don't follow through, you teach your child, “Mom and Dad don't mean what they say.”


If a child, for example, is being disruptive, and you say, “Michael, please stop that,” and then allow him to continue, you have effectively taught Michael to disobey!


Additionally, children need the security that comes from knowing that Mom and Dad are truly in charge. Any inconsistency in your approach robs them of that security!


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