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Challenge Yourself Today With Our Zone 4 Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Your workouts should be fun. Now they can be. 

At Superior Martial Arts in Winston-Salem, we are proud to offer you a cutting-edge Fitness Kickboxing classes, known simply as "Zone 4." This incredible system works your entire body with high-energy workouts that are perfect for men and women of all ages. 

You can melt away fat and build lean muscle without ever having to dread your trip to the gym again.

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So What Makes Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes Different?

The answer is simple: Motivation. 

Our Zone 4 Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Winston-Salem keep you more motivated than ever before because you'll be able to see concrete improvement and enjoy the physical gains that come with it. 

We welcome you to track your progress to see just how many calories you burn, or compete against a friend for the best workout!

PLUS, all your info will be saved to an app on your phone to help track your progress!

Whether you're just trying out a new workout or you're exercising for the very first time, our Fitness Kickboxing classes are perfect because they are completely scalable to your unique abilities.

You can enjoy:

  • Ever-changing workouts that keep you on your toes
  • Total body training that is built for sustainable results
  • Unwavering support from your instructors and classmates
  • A sense of accomplishment like never before

Our Kickboxing Combines Multiple Disciplines For Comprehensive Instruction 

We're not interested in boxing you into one system or discipline. Our Fitness Kickboxing classes work because they are constantly changing and blend multiple martial arts strategies to help you gain a well-rounded skillset.

Zone 4 Fitness Kickboxing Classes combine elements of:

  • Aerobics
  • Boxing
  • Muay Thai
  • And more!

And our instructors work hard to make sure you're constantly getting individualized attention. You'll leave each and every class knowing you got the most out of your training. 

Get Started Today With Zone 4 Fitness Kickboxing In Winston-Salem

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We'll quickly change the way you think about training.

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