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We're proud to offer Kids Martial Art Classes for students of all ages and abilities. Whether your child has been training for years or they're hoping to try it out for the very best time, we guarantee there's a class for them here. We pride ourselves in teaching a blend of the perfect combination of traditional martial arts (Kung Fu, Wrestling and Karate) and modern combat systems ( Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kempo, MMA).

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Winston-Salem include:

Iron Mantis Kids (7-12): Our foundational class, basic martial arts movements with safe and exciting instruction while also developing life skills like courtesy, respect, and discipline. You can expect to learn Stand Up Techniques: Combinations utilizing punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. This program helps each child develop good social skills and increase attention and focus.


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We help students grow at their own pace with increasingly challenging instruction. We'll focus heavily on Takedowns and Takedown Defense, Choke Defense, and Grabs and Pins.

Our class is not just about punching and kicking, it's about teaching students to overcome challenges and enjoy a true sense of accomplishment. In this program, we focus on Ground Attacks, Ground Self-Defense, Grappling, and Submission.

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Give Your Child A Well-Rounded Experience

There's no questioning the values Kids Martial Arts Classes can have on your child and at Iron Mantis Martial Arts in Winston-Salem, we take that value to the next level.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes are fun and high-energy and keep students a motivated week in and week out. With the help of our exciting curriculum, your child can even walk away with improved learning skills like:

- Boosted focus and attention to detail
- Increased memorization and retention
- A newfound appreciation for the learning process

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Make the move today! We know you won't regret it. We are committed to helping boys and girls of all ages become more confident, more respectful, and better prepared for the world ahead of them. Our Kids Martial Arts Classes are making a difference in the lives of so many students in Winston-Salem. Your child could be next. 

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